What we do

Welcome to Pangaboats Europe

We are the exclusive importer and distributor for IMEMSA panga boats in Europe. 

Imemsa Panga Boats are build by INDUSTRIA MEXICANA DE EQUIPO MARINO, S.A. DE C.V, (in short IMEMSA). IMEMSA is founded in 1973. IMEMSA started manufacturing the original panga boats after it’s been developed by YAMAHA as part of a WORLD BANK project early 1970.  

Early 1970, the World Bank and Yamaha Motor Co. of Japan got together, and Yamaha designed a low cost skiff for poor island fishermen all over the far east. The design made of fiberglass by Yamaha had originated in South America where they were made of timber for fishing shallow water with nets. This design became the blueprint for the modern panga: a low-cost, fuel-efficient boat that runs both shallow and deep and planes with low horsepower. 

Imemsa manufactures the true pangas. Imemsa builds in the traditional manner with all the benefits of the original Yamaha hull design built in. Key features of the panga design are a high bow, narrow waterline beam, and a flotation bulge along the gunwale, or top edge of the hull. The high bow provides buoyancy for retrieving heavy nets, and minimizes spray coming over the bow. The narrow beam allows the hull to be propelled by a modest-sized outboard motor. The flotation bulge along the gunwale provides increased stability at high angles of roll. 

It is a unique ride due to a pad that starts at the bow. The bow does not have a sharp entry but is 5 centimeters flat that tapers wider to 35 centimeter at the rear and protrudes down from the center of the semi V hull about one inch or so. It is this pad that the boat rides on and is one reason that it needs very little horsepower. Once the boat planes, it rides on this pad and skips along the top of the waves using minimum power and getting maximum speed riding on it's rails. This is what gives a true panga it's efficiency and speed.

IMEMSA builds more than 900 boats a year and is the largest panga builder in Mexico and Central America. All models are available in Europe from 22 feet to 33 feet. All models are available in a hull only configuration.